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Liability Insurance for Music Teachers

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Teachers need insurance protection

Music teaching may seem like a safe occupation but you should always consider a public liability insurance policy to cover yourself in case any member of the public tries to hold you liable for any insured peril such as injury caused to them due to your negligence or damage to any of their property.

Public liability is legally optional but this isn’t to say that you can simply forget about it, you should include the cost of a public liability policy into your business plan, after all the premium is minimal when compared to what a liability claim could cost you.

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Why Do You Need Teacher Insurance?

Public liability insurance is to protect you against claims made by members of public against you. If someone is injured as a result of your teaching work or has their property damaged, they could make a claim against you.

No matter what or who you teach, you are putting yourself in the firing line every time you stand in front a room full of people. Even one-to-one tuition can come with its own risks, so it’s worth protecting yourself with teacher’s insurance.

A teacher insurance policy will cover you if you teach a night class or provide private tuition. It is designed for companies or individuals who offer things like music lessons, training for secretaries or other similar services.

Whether you have your own premises, teach in a pupil’s home or provide lessons elsewhere, getting liability cover is a good idea.

Liability Insurance For Dance Teachers And Ballet Instructors

Teaching dance and ballet classes can carry a whole host of risks. An allegation of unprofessional teaching, a student injuring themselves following your negligence, or a fire at your studio could be devastating for your business.

Make sure your business is covered against these risks.

Do You Have To Carry Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance for teachers is not a legal requirement.

There are many companies on the market today which will be able to provide public liability insurance for teachers and all of them will be cognizant of the rules and regulations revolving around this kind of career.

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Amount Of Liability Cover Required

Public liability insurance will protect your against the possibility of mistakes you could make or where you feel you were not at fault to help with the legal costs to defend you.

The minimum public liability cover you can get is for £1m, but if you work for a company who provides teaching services, your employer may insist on a higher amount of cover.

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