Sole Trader Insurance

Public Liability Insurance And Self Employed People

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Sole trader insurance

Public liability insurance protects self-employed people from the costs and legal fees of claims if a member of the public is injured by you or accidentally whilst visiting your business. It will also cover you if you damage property belonging to someone else, while carrying out business activities.

Businesses are not required by law to have public liability insurance but is a sensible precaution to take. If you sub contract for a company then it is very likely they would insist on you having public liability insurance.

Public liability insurance gives you peace of mind and protects you from claims that might well ruin your business.

Accidents Can Affect Sole Traders

Accidents happen without any warning. You should prepare for the unexpected. Even minor accidents can lead to expensive claims against you.

Example: Alarm Installer – You could be working in a property installing an alarm and whilst securing cables accidentally put a nail into a pipe requiring the services of a plumber.

Example: Carpenter – Whilst working on a door you may accidentally let it drop and cause damage to the customer’s property for which you may need to claim.

Example: Roofer – You could be working on a roof and accidentally dislodge a tile which might hit a person below. This could result in a very expensive claim against you.

Give yourself peace of mind – buy some public liability insurance today!

Public Liability Insurance Coverage In The United Kingdom

Public liability protection covers injuries and damages claims brought against your business, either at your own workplace, at a customer’s workplace or elsewhere when you are carrying out your business.

It also covers other mishaps that the self-employed might encounter, such as damage to or loss of equipment that you own or have hired from third party suppliers. Equally, it covers damages to or loss of goods in transit.

Amount Of Liability Cover Required

How much your self-employed public liability insurance costs is dependent on the type of business you run, the size and the turnover.

Having the right sole trader public liability insurance is crucial, if anything was to go wrong or any action taken against you, you could lose a substantial amount of money or even risk having to close your business.

Peace of Mind

Public liability insurance policies give self-employed people the peace of mind of knowing that you are properly covered so that you can concentrate on running your business!

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