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Public Liability Insurance in today’s litigious society is more important than ever. As a roofing contractor (slater / tiler / roofer) whether you use bitumen or heat or not, your business activities mean that you could be sued by the public for your negligence.

Examples of when you need public liability insurance:

1. You are up a ladder and drop a tool onto someone’s car. Although their comprehensive insurance policy may pay for the damage, the insurers will look to you for reimbursement.

2. You call into someone’s house and spill some solvent onto their carpet.

3. In a shop you fail to clean a wet floor and someone slips on it.

4. Whilst digging foundations you cut through a fibre-optic cable.

Tradesman business insurance

Amount Of Liability Cover Required

Public liability insurance will protect your business against the possibility of mistakes you could make or where you feel you were not at fault to help with the legal costs to defend you.

The amount of cover you need will vary according to your business type and other factors. Many small businesses take out £5 million of cover.

Do You Really Need Public Liability Insurance?

If a member of the public is injured (however minor the injury is) or even killed through work you have been involved with, then public liability insurance could prove an absolute necessity. It could help you cover any costs associated with a claim for damages. Most polices offer up to £5 million in cover, with some offering a minimum of £1 million. If you don’t have this, your business and reputation could be ruined should a claim for damages be made against you.

Compare Public Liability Insurance Quotes

To get best value for money, you should compare the market and get a range of quotes from trusted insurers.

Public liability insurance is designed to cover you in the event of third party claims being made against you for negligence that have caused persons to suffer injury or illness as a result. Public liability insurance can also provide cover in the event of damage to a third party’s property. If you were ever put into a situation which made yourself liable to be sued, having the right insurance can give you the cover you need.

Find out how much you could save on the public liability insurance for your business by comparing policies.

Act Now!

An increasing number of people have now recognized the tremendous benefits of liability insurance and are now electing to purchase insurance as a way of protecting their interests. If you have not yet thought about how you would afford the expenses that might be incurred in the event of someone launching a compensation claim against you, it is certainly time to do so.

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