• August 17 · Simply Business
    Home Office issues guidance on tenant immigration checks
    From this autumn, landlords in specific parts of the country will be legally obliged to check that potential tenants have the legal right to live in the UK. The scheme may then be rolled out across t (...)
  • August 14 · Simply Business
    Small businesses "in confusion" over new pension law
    This is according to a new report from accountants HW Fisher & Company, which suggests that small firms are crippled by “confusion and inertia” when it comes to auto-enrolment – (...)
  • August 13 · Simply Business
    Council shuts down "rip-off" letting agents
    Newham Council has visited 197 letting agents since November 2013 as part of its Fair Lettings Project. As a result of those visits, the Council issued 113 “notices for corrective action” (...)
  • August 13 · Simply Business
    Insurance Insights: what is public liability insurance?
    As a small business it can be tricky to know just what insurance you’ll need. What with all the liabilities and indemnities it can get a little confusing, and equipping your business adequately (...)
  • August 12 · Simply Business
    Businesses 'could claim back £2.1bn in business rates'
    This is according to The Independent, which reports that the government has massively overcharged businesses. The Valuation Office Agency, which is responsible for determining the rateable value of b (...)

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