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Money Saving Expert® is a British consumer finance information and discussion website founded by financial journalist Martin Lewis in February 2003 with the aim of providing information and journalistic articles enabling people to save money. In September 2012 it was bought by the group for up to £87M.® is the UK’s biggest consumer website with over 13 million users a month. The site’s dedicated to cutting your bills and fighting your corner with journalistic research, cutting edge tools & a massive community – all focused on finding deals, saving cash & campaigning for financial justice.

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How Money Saving Expert Works

Any of the deals that are listed on the website are discovered via research that is done by the Money Saving Expert team. The saving and cash generating ideas are then provided to consumers via:

Weekly Email to Registered Site Users – Those who have signed up will receive a weekly email that outlines all of the latest tips, deals, guides, and loopholes. As more than half of the deals typically expire within one week, it is important for interested consumers to act quickly once they have received this email.

Money Saving Guides – The main website has a large number of different guides such as Budget Airline Fee Fighting and Cheap Gas & Electricity. It is recommended that site visitors begin by reading the Money Makeover guide.

The Money Saving Forum – In the Money Saving Forum, over 1 million current members can discuss ways to save money. Topics on the forum include discussions about becoming debt free as well as where to grab great bargains on products and services.

The site also has its own campaigns coordinator who works to align the company with various charities and politicians in order to give the consumers’ point of view on a number of different important issues.

Martins Money Tips

Martin Lewis is a UK-based financial journalist, who specialises in helping consumers to fight big retailers and financial organisations.

He has a website which is jam-packed with information, continually updated, and sends out a weekly newsletter highlighting tips, finds and suggestions.

He has written a couple of books – both are worth reading by anyone no matter where you live as many of the tips are relevant to all of us, but can only be bought from the Amazon UK site.

But it’s not all serious stuff – he is a fantastic source of freebies

Whether it’s free flights, gym passes, cash, pants, face cream, games or books, it’s all available for free on the internet if you know where to look. Some of it is ‘grab it while you can’ but there’s a lot of permanently accessible free stuff too.

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The® Forum

is a social network where users discuss bargains and consumer issues, free from people trying to sell you things.

It’s an amazing place with a huge wealth of helpful info and friendly people. But remember it’s open to all, content isn’t officially checked out by MSE and anyone can post on it.

Anticipated acquisition by MoneySupermarket of MoneySavingExpert

PARTIES Group plc (MoneySupermarket) is active in the provision of price comparison services. It provides customers with online services enabling them to search and compare, in one place, a wide range of products. (MoneySavingExpert) is active in the provision of unbiased consumer information and recommendations aimed at saving money for the general public.

On 1 June 2012, MoneySupermarket signed a conditional agreement to acquire all of the assets of the MoneySavingExpert business. The parties notified the transaction on 6 July 2012. The administrative deadline is 3 September 2012.

MoneySavingExpert generated a turnover in the UK of approximately £16 million for the year ending 31 October 2011, so the turnover test in section 23 of the Enterprise Act 2002 (the Act) is not met.
On the basis of the information available to it, the Office of Fair Trading has decided that the anticipated acquisition of the MoneySavingExpert Business by Group plc does not qualify for investigation under the mergers provisions of the Act, because neither the UK turnover test nor the share of supply test in section 23 of the Act is met. A relevant merger situation has, therefore, not been created.

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Money Saving Expert Charity

By James Laverty – last updated on 25 August 2011

The MSE Charity provides grants to individuals and charities.

Money Saving Expert, and TV’s Money Guru, Martin Lewis is the creator of and the founder of this charity. An ultra-specialised journalist Martin is passionate about financial education, debt education and consumer empowerment.

The MSE Charity provides grants to individuals and charities. If you’re looking to take a course that will improve your knowledge of consumer, debt, or personal money management you may be able to get a grant.

Plus if you’ve an innovative idea to help lots of people, or you’re an established charity wanting funding for a project; funds may be available. As long as it helps educate and inform people about consumer or debt issues MSE Charity may be able to help. So far the charity has handed out almost £225,000 in grants.

Criteria Grants of up to £5000 are available under the following criteria:

Projects must assist people to improve their quality of life through knowledge and understanding of how to manage and take control of their own financial situation.
Groups will need to demonstrate that they have researched and assessed the need for the project.
Groups must demonstrate that the project will make a significant difference to the beneficiaries so the OUTPUTS must be achievable, measurable, deliverable within budget and within a time frame and be sustainable.
Groups will also need to show that the project will also provide outcomes that will benefit their wider communities.
It will be necessary for groups to demonstrate that they has the skills, ability and experience to deliver the project.
The MSE Charity will consider full project cost recovery, but costs must only relate to the project itself and not the organisations core funding.
Projects must provide value for money.
For existing projects with a proven success record, consideration will only be given to those that can demonstrate that funding will be used to extend the project beyond its existing boundaries in terms of the scope of project, number of beneficiaries and/or time frame.

Who can apply

Constituted groups and individuals in the UK over 18.

How to apply

Please visit the website and complete the online application form. You may contact the charity directly if you have problems but there are guidelines and frequently asked questions on the website. For more details please visit :

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