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Why Should Public Liability Insurance Cover Be An Important Consideration For Mobile DJs?

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Taking out an appropriate public liability policy is an important consideration for any business owner, whether they operate a factory, an office, a restaurant a shop or any other imaginable type of business.

As a professional Mobile DJ, you have your fair share to think about when it comes to choosing the best policy cover for you, due to the amount and range of third parties you come in to contact with and the very nature of the entertainment business.

Public liability cover, in its very essence, is your financial safety net to cushion your fall by covering any damages awarded, plus legal expenses for both sides, in cases of third parties taking action against you and winning. These third parties can be anyone at all who is not directly in your employment – your customers, members of the public, sub contractors and the venues at which you are hired to get the parties started.

Being realistic, you conduct your business in environments that can be high spirited to say the least. Your tools of the trade include substantial amounts of hefty electrical equipment. You might have a mixture of regular places of work where you fulfill residencies, besides one off events from personal celebrations to company Christmas parties at a variety of venues with whose facilities you are unfamiliar.

First up, accidents that might befall your customers and members of the public that could be attributed your negligence on your part are pretty self explanatory and require little spelling out. Trips and slips on a trailing wire of a speaker are common foundations from which claims are instigated, as are tumbling lighting rigs or speakers that have been incorrectly secured in place, break loose and give an innocent bystander a nasty knock.

Next, the host venues of events at which you are performing your DJ services are also equally as likely to take hasty action against you if your business and your equipment cause damages to their premises and property. It could be something as simple as the lugging of heavy equipment causing scratches to their polished wooden dance floor.

Bear in mind that event venues are very savvy in terms of public liability cover, as their own risk potential is perhaps even greater than yours. Many do not allow uninsured suppliers on their premises. So, even if an event organiser wants to book you, they might have to look elsewhere and choose a competitor if you fail to meet the venue’s criteria.

Putting aside examples of claims that might be made against you, what about your expensive DJ equipment and music collection? You are correct in your assumption that your business property is just as likely to suffer damages caused by event revellers as vice versa.

Indeed, you might well have experienced or witnessed the likes of a party goer a little the worse for wear making their way towards you for a request, loosing their balance and spilling their pint on your speaker, causing it to blow.

Liability insurance works hard for you when you are cast as the victim besides the villain, offering you a two way street of assurance and peace of mind in either scenario.

What Might Mobile Djs Expect to Be Included in Befitting Liability Policies?

The most major headaches suffered by Mobile DJs are likely to be caused by damages and injuries to third parties, plus the safeguarding of your own costly equipment. Neither of these elements of public liability cover are obligatory for you to have.

Yet when you consider the enormous amounts of risks facing your Mobile DJ business, you are quite likely to concur that they make perfect sense for the continued wellbeing of your operation, regardless of legal obligations.

Tradesman business insurance

Public Liability

Just like insurance policies for any other business types, indemnity levels for Mobile DJs are agreed at levels of £2 million, £5 million or £10 million, dependent upon the specific nature of your business, to cover the costs of successful claims. Insurance payouts on your behalf under the terms and conditions of your public liability cover are made to anyone who does not work for you whose cases against you are upheld in court.

Equipment Insurance

A must have common sense measure for Mobile DJs, the insuring of your equipment covers the costs of any claims you might need to make for repairs or replacements. Such unforeseen expenses might occur if your equipment is damaged, lost or stolen.

Many insurance policies stipulate that payouts are made for damages suffered in the UK only, so, for example, if you are a superstar DJ who ships your own kit overseas for gigs, you will need to be upfront about this when your policy is being put together.

An element that is required by law is Employers liability, which does have grey areas that you need to think seriously about.

Tradesman business insurance

Employers Liability

Your Employers liability is not at all dissimilar from your public liability; it simply fulfills dual functions in relation to your staff, however part time or casual they might be. If you have helpers outside of your immediate family realms who assist you with the set up and break down of your gear, taking requests or readying your discs to be spun, they are your employees.

Things can be a little less black and white with sub contracting. If you use other DJs to fulfill bookings on your behalf under your direction and using your equipment, they are generally considered as your staff. If, however, you refer your bookings to other DJs who perform autonomously with their own equipment but under your company guise, they are generally classed as sub contractors.

In the first case scenario, your business would be liable for accidents and damages claims brought by your staff member against you or against your staff member by a third party. In the second, you should ensure that your sub contractor can provide you with proof of their own liability cover.

This would absolve you of any claims they might consider staking against you as their employer, or made by third parties against them, for which they would be held independently responsible.

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