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Pet shops need public liability insurance

Everyone involved in the pet business should have some liability insurance. Whether you work with dogs, cats, hamsters or any other pet either by running a pet shop or pet grooming parlour or working as a pet minder such as dog walker, it is sensible to get some public liability insurance.

Public liability insurance is an insurance policy where a tradesman can insure against any third party injury or any third party property damage that they may cause during the course of their work. Although this is not an insurance that is legally compulsory you will find that most companies are now insisting that this be in place before you can undertake any work for them.

A dog walker or pet sitter obviously has to go into homes to deal with the dog and may come in to contact with their equipment and therefore they could either accidentally cause damage to the property they are going in to get the dog, for example if they were to knock anything over or if they were to accidentally damage any part of the building although it would not cover if they were to damage the dog.

The second part of cover that you can get as a dog walker or pet sitter is if whilst doing your job you was to injure any person around you, the most obvious way this can happen is if you leave any dog leads or equipment lying around and someone was to trip over them, they would then hold you responsible for their injuries and this is where the insurance policy would step in and cover you.

Liability insurance prices

Prices for working in non-hazardous areas generally will be around about £60 for the year, obviously if you were to get higher than the lowest level of cover then you would pay more for this or if you covered anyone else other than yourself on the policy.

When you consider that if something was to go wrong then you could get left paying the costs of any incident where someone may hold you liable then the prices above don’t seem so steep to pay once every year compared to a claim that you could get stuck with that could run in to thousands of pounds depending on how serious the incident is. Compare liability insurance prices today!

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