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Entertainers Should Have Public Liability Insurance

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A one-man-band needs insurance. (

Anyone involved in entertainment should have public liability insurance. This includes cover for concerts, festivals, dance parties, disc jockeys, theatre productions, tours, event organisers and promoters, cover bands, music groups, PA and lighting operators, performers etc.

Why Does A Mobile Disc Jockey Need Public Liability Insurance?

Guests or venue staff could make a claim against you if they incur an accidental injury. A venue could make a claim against you if you have caused any damage to their property.

DJ equipment is expensive and during a live set, DJs need to be covered so that any potential risks and hazards to the public are covered. If your actions or equipment cause injury to a person then they would be able to claim compensation against you. Public liability insurance covers you against such hazards. Say for example, your record case/bag drops and hits a person on their foot, you would be liable for any compensation that person sought.

Why Have Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability is part of the law of tort which focuses on civil wrongs. An applicant (the injured party) usually sues the respondent (the owner or occupier) under common law based on negligence and/or damages. Claims are usually successful when it can be shown that the owner/occupier was responsible for an injury, therefore they breached their duty of care.

The duty of care is very complex, but in basic terms it is the standard by which one would expect to be treated whilst one is in the care of another.

Once a breach of duty of care has been established, an action brought in a common law court would most likely be successful. Based on the injuries and the losses of the applicant the court would award a financial compensation package.

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Is It A Legal Requirement To Have DJ Public Liability Insurance?

No – if you don’t have DJ public liability insurance you won’t be breaking the law however in today’s society of ‘No Win – No Fee’ companies it’s now easier than ever for someone to claim off you.

Public Liability Insurance For Children’s Entertainers

Children’s entertainers may be asked by the party organisers to supply evidence of their public liability cover.

A room full of excited children, full of cakes and fizzy drinks is often a recipe for trouble, and of course accidents happen, so it’s in the organiser’s interest to enquire about the performer’s public liability insurance, in case of damages to property or, worse still, if someone has an injury from an accident.

Should the worst happen, an insured professional children’s entertainer will allow the organiser to make a claim for any losses and they will stand a good chance of receiving compensation.

Street entertainers

According to this article, new measures by the council in Liverpool “will see all street entertainers forced to pay for permits and public liability insurance to perform on designated pitches, most of which must be booked in advance.”

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