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Who Needs Electricians’ Liability Insurance?

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Public liability insurance is crucial for electricians and their business.

Liability insurance is based on cover for an accident that can affect third parties such as; members of the public, visitors, trespassers, sub-contractors, etc. Tradesmen choose to have public liability insurance as it covers them for any unforeseen circumstance in order to protect them from financial implications. Tradesmen take out employee liability insurance to cover lawsuits resulting from death or injury caused to an employee at the workplace.

How Does Public Liability Insurance Protect You?

PLI will protect you from any liabilities from a Third Party (other than your employees), bodily injury or damage to their property that may occur during the normal operation of your business.

Some electricians may only require a simple public liability insurance policy but others may require a more comprehensive solution including legal cover, employers liability and office premises cover.

The Risks

Working with electrics and electrical appliances can be a risky business – not just for you as an electrical contractor but also for your customers, employers or employees if you have them.

Amount Of Liability Cover Required

The amount of cover you need will vary according to your business type and other factors. Many small businesses take out £5 million of cover.

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Tradesman business insurance

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